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Examples Of Business Email Greetings

Email greetings

We have a couple options for email greetings. When choosing an email greeting, think about your own style, the company’s style and the person you are writing to. Here are five options with some tips on how to use each greeting.

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Leave or let

Laisser in French can be translated to leave or let in English. This causes a lot of confusion for French speakers learning English. Look at these examples and try this simple trick to figure out if you should use leave or let.

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How to write the date in English

Question: How do I write the date in English? Sometimes I write: “I will meet you on the 8 of March 2019.” Other times I write  “…on Thursday, the 18th of June.”  I never know how to write the date in a sentence properly! Help!

Answer: Don’t worry you are not alone. I  have seen my clients write some very creative date formats in English. You are almost there! We just need to change the word order. It’s important to remember that we say and write dates differently.

I am going to give you two choices about how to write a date in English properly.

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8 false friends in business vocabulary

A large proportion of words in English are borrowed from French. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions. We call words that are spelled the same in French and English, but have different meanings false friends or les faux amis.

Here are 8 French-English false friends that I hear regularly:

  1. assist
  2. comprehensive
  3. location
  4. vendor
  5. collaboration
  6. actually
  7. command
  8. propose

Examples of false friends in the blog post!

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Polite Questions English

A polite way to get feedback from customers

Q: I give software demos to prospective clients. I want to personalize the presentation, so at the beginning of the demo, I ask the client if the know our products. For example, I say: “Do you know our newest solution SEN ?” They always hesitate and say yes. I can feel something is going wrong. How could I ask a better question?

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