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Polite Questions English

A polite way to get feedback from customers

Q: I give software demos to prospective clients. I want to personalize the presentation, so at the beginning of the demo, I ask the client if the know our products. For example, I say: “Do you know our newest solution SEN ?” They always hesitate and say yes. I can feel something is going wrong. How could I ask a better question?

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17 Way To Improve In English For 2017

17 learning strategies to improve your English language skills in 2017

Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions for 2017?  If you are starting English classes or looking for motivation here are 17 learning strategies that will make you more successful.

What are learning strategies?

They are methods, hacks, tips, shortcuts that help you achieve your goals and be more successful. When I teach students I try to give them these types of strategies so they can improve faster and, ultimately. communicate more proficiently.

How to use these suggested English learning strategies:

Try one or two of these ideas at a time. Focus on it for a specific amount of time: for example, a class (e.g. # 9) or a week (e.g. # 4 or 15) or a month (# 1 or # 12). Adding a new learning strategy will reinvigorate your learning. We all like something new and fresh!

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