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Pronouncing Abbreviations in English

Abbreviations are only a couple of words so they seem easy to say and understand. Abbreviations are very popular Business English jargon. But sometimes it is hard to pronounce abbreviations properly.

There is a very specific way to pronounce abbreviations in English.

I often have a lot of trouble understanding my students when they say abbreviations. Once I teach them this simple trick, presto! The problem is solved.

If you follow the pronunciation rule it will be much easier! I promise. Learn how!

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Read poetry to practice your pronunciation

Proper pronunciation in English is a combination of the right sounds and rhythm. The rhythm of English is how we understand words and meaning.

The Writer’s Almanac is a great resource to practice proper pronunciation, especially rhythm. The website publishes a different poem and recording every day. The poems and accompanying recording are very valuable resources for students who want to practice pronunciation on their own.

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