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Leave or let

Laisser in French can be translated to leave or let in English. This causes a lot of confusion for French speakers learning English. Look at these examples and try this simple trick to figure out if you should use leave or let.

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8 false friends in business vocabulary

A large proportion of words in English are borrowed from French. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions. We call words that are spelled the same in French and English, but have different meanings false friends or les faux amis.

Here are 8 French-English false friends that I hear regularly:

  1. assist
  2. comprehensive
  3. location
  4. vendor
  5. collaboration
  6. actually
  7. command
  8. propose

Examples of false friends in the blog post!

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40% Of English Words Come From French

French words in the English Language

Good news! If you speak French, your vocabulary may be much larger than you ever imagined.

Roughly 25% of English words have a French origin. Plus another 20% have a latin origin so they are very familiar to French speakers.

If we add all that up a French speaker should be able to recognize 45% of English words. This means that you already know thousands of words.

You have the foundation of a very large vocabulary.

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Travel vocabulary

What’s the most recognizable landmark in New York City?
How long is your layover in Amerstdam?
Do you have to check into the hotel by a certain time?
It will take about an hour to clear customs. Make sure that you have filled out the T27J before you head to the customs officer.

Learn some important travel vocabulary.

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