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I Suggest How To Use Suggest

I suggest how to use suggest

How to use suggest in a sentence.

We often want to give advice or persuade other people when we speak. One useful word in these situations is suggest. If we suggest something, we put it forward for consideration.

But be careful! There is a nuance to using suggest.

We can’t say: The salesperson suggested me to take the extended warranty.

Instead, we can say:

The salesperson suggested the extended warranty to me.

The salesperson suggested that I take the extended warranty.

The salesperson suggested taking the extended warranty.

The rules for suggest:

The word suggest can be followed by three things: a noun, that, -ing verb

  • The client suggested a meeting next Tuesday. (noun)
  • The client suggested that we meet next Tuesday. (that)
  • The salesperson suggested meeting next Tuesday. (-ing verb)

If we need to mention the person the suggestion was directed towards we use to + person.

The client suggested meeting next Tuesday to our marketing coordinator.

Don’t say: The client suggested our marketing coordinator meeting next Tuesday.

Example sentences:


  • The clerk suggested a larger size.
  • We suggested a different product to our client.
  • My advisor suggested an alternative to me.
  • Kerry suggested some relevant books to the group.


  • I suggest that we take a break and meet back here in 15 minutes.
  • My boss suggested that we should factor in two extra days for delivery.
  • Chantale suggests that the company review its teleworking policy.
  • My secretary suggested that I should learn how to set my own out-of-office notifications.

Sometimes we leave out the that when speaking.

-ing verb

  • We suggest checking your spam folder for the email.
  • My friend suggested trying this restaurant.
  • I suggest ignoring him.
  • We suggest starting the course in September.

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